Now I am Eight


Because the crown of eight glad years
On one bright head is set to-day. ~ A. C. Swinburne

Our sweet Andrew turned 8 years old this spring!  I think one of the greatest privileges of being a parent is getting to watch your child’s unique interests and talents begin to develop.  It’s absolutely fascinating!  Our Andrew has the most amazing gift for bugs!  Yes, you got that right…BUGS!  And anything else that is a creeping, crawling creature!  It’s not just that he likes them or thinks they’re neat.  He adores them.  He admires them.  He finds such joy in the tiniest, squishiest roly poly or even the odd little hard shell bugs he found breeding in the back of our van!  {Gross!}  What’s more is that they love him too… they really do.  He has a magic.  Like Dickon in the Secret Garden. He has been known to pet bees, actually pet them…like little puppies…scary and yet really cool!  I never know what will be brought into my kitchen to be loved and nurtured or what I will be called out to the backyard to behold.  But I mean, come on, even a non bug lover {as in myself} can appreciate how fun it is to watch a child be enthralled with the Father’s creation!

I wanted to share a few of our adventures with Andrew and critters.  One such occurred at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, one of our favorite places!  We had a great day, running and hollering and breathing in the glorious air.  We were on our way out and I was congratulating myself on no mishaps for that day when I look back and see Andrew standing with rapt joy…holding a snake!!!!  Yep, just holding it and taking in the moment.  He sure did love that little guy and he sure was not happy with me when I screamed bloody murder and catapulted that snake into the great beyond!  Sorry Andrew, there’s just some things I can’t take!  We agreed that next time observing the snake in it’s natural habitat was a better option than getting snuggly with it! {Still gives me the chills!}

 Another is the time Andrew befriended a sweet and wonderful Preying Mantis. “Manty” lived with us for one day and an evening.  We felt it was better for Manty to be set free but we underestimated the power of that attachment.  We placed Manty on a tree near the house and Andrew’s tearful farewell was truly heartbreaking!  We prayed with him that night that Manty would still be on the tree in the morning for him to see it again.  Would you believe that bug was sitting exactly where we left it when we went back outside the next day!!  Andrew petted him again and said a less emotional good bye and I think experienced for the first time how the Lord honors even the smallest desires of our hearts.  Manty hopped away with the hope that we would one day see him again.  But for now he lives in memory in several homemade books, school projects, and Andrew’s very vivid recollection of him!!!!

manty-1 manty2-1

Andrew and Manty

 Our most amazing experience to date with Andrew and bugs has been going to the Smithsonian last year and meeting real Entomologists at the Natural History museum.

Andrew's 8-1-1

His First Entomological Lesson

As you can see, he’s spellbound, my little bug boy!  He looked at every square inch of the place and really, really wanted to get inside the room where they were hatching butterflies!  The experience was nothing short of thrilling and it is now one of his top prayer requests that God would make him an Entomologist when he grows up!!  I pray that over him too with all my heart ~ he loves those bugs and that is just darn cool!!!

 We love you Andrew Garron Eaker!  You are one amazing 8 year old dude!


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