Margaret Joy

“A girl should be two things:
Classy and Fabulous”
~ Coco Chanel ~

We have Margaret Joy and we have our Georgie!! George’s family day was earlier and I got to be with Rob for it. I was able to spend a fair amount of time with George before Elizabeth and I had to leave to come get Margaret Joy. Rob has all those pictures though and I only have my cell phone and can’t get online easily. I will get them later today when Rob joins me here in Margaret’s province. So here are some phone pictures of Margaret Joy WeiLu!! We went to the civil affairs on Monday afternoon to get her. Thankfully we got to be there at the same time as our friends who are adopting Margaret Joy’s best friend from her foster home. That made it so much better for me having to be without Rob. I saw this precious little girl in pink in a room and it was her. They brought her out to me in a beautiful new dress and beautiful fancy new shoes. Wouldn’t you know it , they brought Margaret Joy out in a pair of Coco Chanel shoes. I thought that was so fitting. The nannies had no idea of course that her mommy has a part time love affair with high fashion or that on my website for Olive and Jane Millinery I have the above quote by Coco Chanel. Margaret Joy was so fascinated by those Chanel shoes and making sure they were just right that she had no idea I was even standing there. I loved it!! I grabbed her up, fixed that pretty new shoe and started giving her kisses and saying I love you. She was nervous and stiff but relaxed pretty quick. The wonderful couple who run her foster home got to be there and I think seeing me with them really helped that transition. It was a long first day but by the time I laid her in bed that night she was perfectly content. Yesterday she officially became our 8th baby and our little caboose. I feel really good writing that. I am a big believer that we can stretch ourselves much farther than we think. Especially if we are followers of Christ. Through Him we can do things that truly so seem impossible. But we both have a peace that we have stretched to where He is calling us and baby girl is the last baby. At least until we’re empty nesters and Rob gets the itch to adopt again. Ha ha! I didn’t know she would actually still be so little. She really functions a lot more like a toddler. So it pretty much is like having a baby again. She needs a lot of help and I am perfectly happy to give it. Lilibet is so obsessed with her. It was love right from the start. We had no idea how Big Sissy would do because she’s been the baby now for a long time. Ever since she was born the boys called her Big Sissy. I have no idea why but she has always been a big personality. She is living up to the name now. She has been amazing!!! She calls Margaret Joy her baby and tries to help her do everything. She takes her shoes off for her and puts them away. She tries to help her eat, she helps her in the bath, sings to her at night. She has almost smothered Margaret Joy and Margaret has not been as accepting of her. She has pushed her away a fair amount. When Elizabeth hugs her or kisses her she fusses. But I’ve encouraged Elizabeth to just keep gently trying to love her and give her space when she needs it. Elizabeth has been a good testimony to me of having patience and not giving up but pursuing relationship with love. That’s pretty amazing in a three year old who has been the spoiled baby her whole life. Finally tonight in the bath Margaret Joy started to crack. She was laughing with her really hard. And at bed she was singing with Elizabeth and holding her hand and not fussing about it. Go Lilibet, you’ve made your mommy proud. It’s so amazing to take in a child who’s not your blood kin and love them as if they were. Adoption is a crazy mix of the intensely hard and amazingly beautiful stuff of life.

Elizabeth Jane and Margaret Joy
Two girls who are indeed classy and fabulous!



























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