Garage Sale Fun

photo (11)

{Our sales crew ~ who could resist these adorable faces!}

We had our first adoption fundraiser this weekend and it was a great success!  It was lots of work and lots of fun.  Joshua and Andrew have been wanting to do a garage sale for a long time… why I have no idea.  So, all their dreams came true complete with lemonade stand!  They were great sales men, I should arrange for more enterprises for them.  We had tons of donations from our wonderful family and friends, thank you SO much everyone!!

photo (12)photo (10)

{The Lemonade stand masters!}

The highlight of the weekend though was all the time spent with friends!  My sweet neighbor Mrs. Delores came over and helped run the sale all day Friday!  She spent at least three hours folding children’s clothes and helping me arrange them.  She was amazing!!!  We got to meet so many of our neighbors. We talked with some of them more than we have in the past three years of living here.  That was a bonus I wasn’t expecting!

photo (14)

{Zoe and Emma ~ Olive and Jane models in the making!}

Thank you so much to our friends who came, helped organize and made this weekend a blast!!  Thank you Laura and Jeanne!  We have so much children’s clothing and toys left that we’re going to be doing another sale this weekend, Friday and Saturday!!  So come out for some super cute clothes at a great price!  I’ll leave you with a few more pictures of inspiration! Ha!

photo (13)

{Laura the Lobster!}

photo (15)

{“Mommy don’t steal my scooter” ~ quite possibly one of my favorite pictures…ever!}

Thank you again!!


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