See you in Mei Guo!!!



We are about to board the plane in Seoul to finish the long journey home!!!!  We’ll be in Atlanta Thursday morning!!!!  As Anne Shirley said ” I feel broken down and green and provincial and only ten years old. For pity’s sake, please take me someplace where I can hear myself think!”  We love traveling and we have loved China but we are SO ready to get home!!!!!!  Thank you to everyone who has prayed for us and supported us in this amazing adventure!  We have felt so uplifted, so encouraged and really words can not express our gratitude.  I do believe so much that the Lord created us to live in community with each other, to uphold each other and help each other with the callings He gives each one of us.  We have experienced that in such a deep and life changing way because of the dear family and friends who have stood in the gap for us in this time!!!!!  Thank you, thank you and we love you.  We thank God for you and pray His richest blessings on your lives!  See you in America!




2 thoughts on “See you in Mei Guo!!!

  1. I didn’t realize you were a fellow Georgian! So happy for your family and have loved following your journey. Maybe we will see you at one of the Chinese Cultural meetings!

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