Waiting Faces


“A family is everybody all together.” ~ Russell Hoban, A Baby Sister for Frances

We are in the midst of an intense and difficult waiting time for our daughters.  Paperwork caught up in wretched computer systems and unknown workers’ whims.  It is frustrating and irritating but this is the purifying fire the Lord has placed us in.  To turn our hearts more constantly to the only One Who can truly make a difference, Who can truly bring change!!  It is a privilege to serve Him in this trial.  We are filling our days with massive home organization ~ the nesting urges have taken over in such a rampant way that I might as well have a humongous belly to show for it!  Homeschooling, which is consuming all in itself and organizing exciting fundraisers that I think will be a great deal of fun for whoever attends!!!


While we wait we are greatly enjoying every video and picture from our dear friends visit with our girls!!  These daughters are such treasures.  So highly valued by the Master Creator and so highly valued by us who will have the honor of being their family, when we have “everybody all together”!






IMG_1904 (1)

Lucy, Zoe, Louisa and Lili Claire


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